If I die tonight


by Trying to hold on

If I die tonight,
Hold onto these last words
But don’t let them bring you down,
I am saying them to you,
To help you through,
When I am gone.

If I die tonight,
I’d want you to know
How much you’ve meant to me (in this life).
You have always been my rock,
My greatest support, through everything,
I wouldn’t have made it this far without you.

If I die tonight,
I’d want you all to know that I am very thankful
That I got the chance to be a part of this family,
It’s been the best part of my life.

If I die tonight,
I’d hope you’d still live your life to the full,
Knowing that I couldn’t in my life,
So please do it for me.

If I die tonight,
Please know that I will be in a better place
And know that wherever that is I am happy
And please remember I’ll always love you
Because love is the one thing that will never really die.

(Written 2007)